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Choose from our 600+ pages of sermon illustrations. Search by topic. See illustrations on forgiveness here.

Need a quote for insight or impact? We have over 450 pages of quotations, organized by topic. See quotes on grace here.

We’ve got you covered every week & every lectionary cycle. Every guide combines Scriptural insights, quotes and illustrations, and related liturgy. We have special series for Advent, Lent, and other occasions. Sample one of our Advent Guides here.

Call your congregation together to worship the Lord using one of our Calls to Worship, organized into over 200 themes. See our Calls to Worship on praise here.

We offer prayers of invocation, adoration, confession, illumination, & intercession on hundreds of themes. Need a prayer on conflict, renewal, or emphasizing God’s faithfulness? How about one for Good Friday, Christmas Eve, or even Labor Day? We’ve got you covered. Sample prayers of confession on the theme of loving our neighbors.

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Prayers of Confession on Satisfaction

Your website is quite unique and sure has a place in the realm of things. The illustrations really drew me in.  Its not like the old books that have so many illustrations you just can’t use. [I] think your organization of the website is really excellent and usable.

It feels like for your quality and the fact you continue to contribute that it sure could grow in clientele because your content level sure is there.

Dave. M

Person Writing

The Pastor’s Workshop is a gold mine for this week’s sermon prep! Killin it! This is an incredible resource, Stu. You are doing such a great job with it.

John C.


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Every week, we publish a new article on a topic pastors care about. From trends affecting your church to dealing with the nuts and bolts of board meetings, we highlight issues that matter to you.

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TPW’s desire is to provide you with the “raw materials” that you can  fashion into a beautiful worship service. We don’t want to give you a “canned” approach. We want to empower you to share your vision and your passion—to give you the tools to create an authentic service.

Yes, some of our materials can be easily plugged into your worship service. But mostly, we want you to pair your unique gifts with our resources so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can have the biggest impact in your own context. 

That’s what the Pastor’s Workshop is all about.


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