August 2018
About 3 months ago, having just packed up our whole house and driven for 15 days across the country in the middle of winter with a 2 year old and 4 year old in tow, I decided to “go big” on my Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. She deserved it.

We had gone through a rather intense couple of months, and if anyone deserved a quality gift, it was my lovely wife. Only a few weeks earlier she showed me this meme and we laughed out loud. Having been to the local Starbucks a couple of times, I saw a product that caught my eye.

That is, an Ember coffee mug. The price tag was the first thing I noticed. $79 or $150 for a coffee mug??? That seemed ridiculous. But I have to admit I was also intrigued. The design is beautiful, and its claim that it would keep your coffee at the perfect temperature drew me in. I purchased one for my wife and then she returned the favor on my recent birthday.

As a smallish coffee snob, I had already learned the value of the perfect temperature for your coffee. We had purchased a Bonavita Coffee Maker about 5 years ago (alas, that wonderful machine gave up the ghost after our most recent move.) I noticed a significant difference in the quality of the coffee simply by brewing the coffee at the right temperature.

Which is where the Ember coffee mug comes in. Most of us have become accustomed to microwaving our coffee multiple times in the morning, especially when we get distracted or immersed in our work. We also are used to throwing out that last quarter-to-half-inch of coffee at the bottom, the dregs that taste bitter.

Both of these issues are resolved with the Ember coffee mug. One of the strange things I began to notice was my completely empty coffee mug. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before! I don’t know if you will ever make up the money in that last couple sips of coffee, but you will be surprised and satisfied that none of it goes to waste.

Now as with any product, there are some weaknesses, but in the case of the Ember mug, I only really have two:

One is the battery. It does not last very long (at least the app lets you know when the battery is low) and, on the white model, the finish inside begins to get a “worn in” look that isn’t very appealing.

The black one, however, which my wife bought me for my birthday looks the same as the day I purchased it. Perhaps they’ve fixed this, or if not, go with the black model over the white one.

I can’t say anything for the travel mug (it’s twice the cost), but the regular mug is an actual game-changer in enjoying your morning coffee(s).

If you are convinced to try one for yourself, you can purchase one by clicking here. (Note: If you purchase through this post, I get a small referral fee and get to keep supporting the site.)

Click here to get the mug on Amazon.



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