Sermon quotes on offering

Basil of Cesarea

The bread which you do not use is the bread of the hungry; the garment hanging in your wardrobe is the garment of him who is naked; the shoes that you do not wear are the shoes of the one who is barefoot; the money that you keep locked away is the money of the poor; the acts of charity that you do not preform are so many injustices that you commit.


George Macdonald

It is our best work that God wants, not the dregs of our exhaustion. I think he must prefer quality to quantity.


Matt Groening

Bart Simpson says Grace: “Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.” (for contrast)

M. Basil Pennington

The fact is there is nothing that we are doing that God could not raise up a stone in the field to do for him. The realization of this puts us in our true place. Though, lest we get too knocked down by such a realization of our insignificance, let me hasten to add that there is one thing that we alone can give God . . . and that is our personal love. No one else can give God our personal love. This is our great significance.

Finding Grace At The Center

Brother Andrew

I have come to see clearly that life is more than self. It is more than doing what I want, striving for what will benefit me, dreaming of all I can be. Life is all about my relationship with God. There is no higher calling, no loftier dream, and no greater goal than to live, breathe, and be poured out for Jesus Christ.

Shirley Carter Hughson

In trying to dedicate every moment to God, just remember that the time of waiting, doing nothing as the world would say, is just as much an offering to God as hours of prayer or work. Even puritanic Milton realized that ‘they also serve who only stand and wait.’ Do not let Satan tempt you to be in a hurry about anything.

The Spiritual Letters of Shirley Carter Hughson (West Park, NY: Holy Cross Press, 1953), p. 34.

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