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Expecting Guests

Andy Stanley has said, “The Church is a family expecting guests.” Is your family ready? Have you prepared for the arrival of guests and all that is to follow? Let’s say I’ve invited you into my home for dinner. I would put great effort into getting ready for your visit. I would take the piled-up newspapers out to the recycling bin, pick up the toys in the hallway and even run a dust rag over the furniture. I would want to make sure that my home gave off the best possible impression of me.

For our meal, I would be sure to make a dish you would enjoy. I would want to satisfy your hunger with something healthy and delicious. When you arrive, I would show you around, make sure you know where the bathroom is and give you a comfortable place to sit. I would do everything in my power to make you feel welcome and respected as a guest in my home. By preparing for your coming, I would be able to treat you with the hospitality you deserve. The Church—your church—truly is a family expecting guests. And you should be ready to show them intentional hospitality when they arrive.

Nelson Searcy, Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church.

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