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Inspired from Above

The British poet and dramatist Alfred Austin was sometimes criticized for grammatical mistakes in his works.  Austin pardoned himself saying, “I dare not alter these things; they come to me from above.”

Stuart Strachan Jr.

The Land of O-Z

The American writer and journalist Frank Lyman Baum found that his first book began when a band of children, including his own four sons, asked him to tell a story one night in their home in Chicago. The story began immediately with a farm girl from Kansas named Dorothy and the amazing journeys she went on. At one point, the children asked what country Dorothy had landed in, and Baum needed a little inspiration. The first thing his eyes landed upon was a filing cabinet, with the label O-Z. “The land of Oz!” he exclaimed!

Stuart Strachan Jr.

Now and Then

It is said that fourteenth-century philosopher and theologian Catherine of Siena once asked the Lord why he seemed so present to his people in the time of the Scriptures but seemed so absent in her own time. God’s answer is as true today as it was then: 

[God seemed so present to people in biblical times] because they came to Him as faithful disciples to await His inspiration, allowing themselves to be fashioned like gold in the crucible or painted on by His hands like an artist’s canvas, and letting Him write the law of love in their hearts. Christians of [Catherine’s] time acted as if He could not see or hear them, and wanted to do and say everything by themselves, keeping themselves so busy and restless that they would not allow Him to work in them.

Taken From Alan Fadling, An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest, InterVarsity Press.

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