Prayers of the People/Intercession on Time

Sermon Illustrations on Time

God of time and eternity–for you all of time is now: past, present, future are the same to You. 

You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, nothing was before You and nothing is or will be after or beyond You; and we can hardly fathom that. 

But we’re thankful that it’s true because it means there is nothing beyond Your reach, understanding, and grace. Our loved ones who are sick or injured—are all within reach of your healing hand.  Please, Lord, restore them to full health and lift their spirits. Lord, defeat depression’s darkness and give hope to all in need.  

For those who grieve—put the arm of your compassion and love around their shoulders, and turn their hearts to You and your resurrection hope, Lord. We especially ask for comfort and give your peace to ….For those we know who have walked, or run, away from Your grace, truth and peace–bring them home again, Lord, and restore their joy and the hope of salvation. 

For marriages strained to the breaking point—be a reconciler, Lord; and help us be reconcilers, too. For nations separated by war, hatred and suspicion—be a peacemaker, Lord; and help us be peacemakers, too. For those who lack the very basic things of life–be a provider, Lord; and help us be providers, too. 

See to it, Lord, that there is clothing for the naked; food for the hungry; shelter for the homeless; companionship for the lonely; justice for the beaten-down; strength for the weak; and love for all. For our nation–Lord, we ask that Your guiding hand would direct our leaders and lead us all in the ways of Your good and gracious Kingdom. 

And, Lord, bless Your church so that we might bless the community, the country and the world, showing Your love and sharing Your Gospel. Keep us in Your way in all we do; and fill our leaders and pastors with Your Spirit. Empower and inspire us all to serve You with joy; and ignite a fire in our souls making us a source of light and warmth in a dark, cold world. 

And today—inspire our preacher with Your truth and grace, so that the word he brings is Your Word that can change our lives. To You be the glory, Lord, as we offer this prayer in the name above all names, the name of Jesus. AMEN

Richard Herman

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; God of hope, of new life–All our times are in Your hands. We thank and praise You, for you are the Lord of our yesterdays, and our todays and our tomorrows. 

In You, the old is redeemed and everything has become new! Knowing that You are good and strong, loving, wise and faithful; we trust you with all that’s on our hearts today–from that which brings us to tears in laughter, to that which causes us to weep in sorrow. 

Loving God, we thank You for the grace You have shown to us this week, for prayers to which You’ve said “Yes,” and those to which You’ve said, “No. I have a better idea.” We also give you those things that keep us awake at night, and fill our days with anxiety. 

We pray for those struggling to rebuild lives from natural disaster and for those recovering from human disasters, from political and economic disputers; from wars, and from terror attacks near and far. We also pray for those struggling with illness. We pray for strength and grace for their caregivers. 

We pray for all who mourn, whether their grief is fresh or has lingered for a long time, please show them Your kindness; give to them comfort in Your presence; and the hope and peace that comes with Your promise to make all things new. 

Lord of the church, we pray for this congregation: May they be anointed with your touch, empowered by Your Spirit; and formed in Your image so everyone may see You in them, and through them; that as You are lifted higher, You can draw all people to Yourself in glory. Anoint us, Holy One and fill us with Your loving touch. Fill us, so that we can, in Your love, touch and fill others. We offer this our prayer, in the name of Jesus. 

Richard Herman