Prayers of the People/Intercession on The Kingdom of God

Sermon Illustrations on the Kingdom of God

God of the common and of the uncommon. You meet us in the ordinary routines of life–when we play and when we rest, while we work and while we worship. And You reveal yourself in the extraordinary, too–in answered prayer and unforeseen providence, in miracles of healing and of saving. Wherever we are, You seek to get our attention–even in church. 

You call us by name and give us a new life of vision, purpose, and mission. As we remain in You: the old life is gone–the new life is come! You give us a life of grace and hope, of holiness and truth; and a life of dependence on and trust in, not ourselves but, You. 

So, we look to You for all we need and want, with thanks for the gifts of women and men You place in our lives. We ask your healing touch for friends and loved ones who are ill or injured, anticipating or recovering from surgery, facing tests or awaiting results. Cure bodies and minds by Your compassionate power and loving care. Encourage discouraged spirits and ease anxious hearts. We praise You for being with us at either end of life and at all points in between–celebrating births, graduations, engagements and weddings by laughing and shouting with us; and also grieving losses at the passing of loved ones, the loss of a job, the departure of friends, by shedding a tear with us and holding us close. 

In our joys, cause us to praise and thank You–the giver of all good gifts. In our losses, bring comfort and restore hope for us. Forgive and free us from our idolatries of power, pleasure and possessions. Forgive our arrogance and self-importance. 

Show our leaders the ways of godly justice and gracious love; enable them to lead us in those ways and enable us to walk in them. We pray for Your church–that we would be a true colony of heaven on earth, a kingdom people who reflect the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a dying world. 

May others see Jesus in us, and be drawn to Him through us finding in Him the Way, the Truth and the Life of hope and salvation. Empower us by Your Spirit to stay on course and on message,when we are tempted to get caught up in trivial pursuits and intramural squabbles. Keep us, all of us, faithful to Your Gospel in how we live and in what we say. All this we pray, turning to You as our God, our King and our Friend. In Jesus Name. AMEN

Richard Herman


Lord: In the times of our weakness and the hours of our need,
Yours is the strength that enables us to carry on, 
Yours the shoulder we rest our heads upon. When our load is heavy and too much to bear, 
Yours are the arms that stretch out to help us and the grace that we depend on.  When we are weak and in need, 
Yours is the voice we hear saying: ‘Come to Me, and find rest for your weary soul.’  So, we come to you today in prayer.  

Please Lord—heal those we love who are sick; strengthen those who are recuperating, encourage those who care for our loved ones, and may all know that You are the Healer and Great Physician.  

Please Lord—comfort all who mourn with the peace of Your presence, that peace which passes all our understanding as it keeps our hearts and minds in love.  

Please Lord—in a world gone crazy with hatred and suspicion, enable us to live as agents of Your Peaceable Kingdom in our nation and neighborhoods; and for those serving as missionaries in dark places and dark times—give them courage to let the light of Your gospel shine in and through them with clarity and power …we think especially of those in the Middle East.  

Please Lord—guide us as a nation so that we can live up to the best of who we are and who we aspire to be.  Allow us to look beyond ourselves to see the needs of our neighbor, the stranger, and the needy; and let our elected representatives have hearts after Your own heart to lead our communities and nation in ways of truth and paths of righteousness.  

Please Lord—Empower us as Your church to be different, to be the Salt of the Earth and to be the Light of the World.  Give us the heart of our Savior, the mind of the Holy Spirit, and the creativity of our Father that we might be an outpost of Your Kingdom and a colony of heaven on earth. This we pray in the name of Jesus the Risen One. AMEN

Richard Herman