Prayers of the People/Intercession on Refuge

Calls to Worship on Refuge

Lord–in the words of the Psalmist,“You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations,” our safe place to run to, and the One who opens the door when we knock–no matter what.  Because of Your faithfulness and power, there has never been a time when You weren’t–and there never will be.  

So we know we can trust you with whatever it is that gladdens or burdens our hearts today. And we do trust you.  We trust You with those who are sick or hurt in any way–in body or mind, soul or spirit.  We know we can trust those who’ve died in faith to your care; and we can lift to you those whose loss and grief hurts–whether it is recent or long past. 

We pray for you to comfort with your presence and your peace all who miss a loved one this time of year.  We pray for those whose needs are great and whose burdens are greater; for the one who needs fulfilling and meaningful work; for those in need of loving friends; for single parents in need of help with their children; for the one who needs strength and help to overcome an addiction; for the marriage that is strained; for the family that is fraught with discord and brokenness, bring deliverance, reconciliation, and hope we pray.  

Our needs are many–and our own ability to make a difference is so feeble, Lord—so we need You to come at the point of our need, and to come to those we care about at the place of their pain.  Come as You are … as our Good Shepherd, our King, the Light of Hope for our dark, discouraged world.  Come as You are to us as we are–and make us more like You; and may You be praised as our all in all. This we pray, in the name of the risen Christ, our Lord.  AMEN

Richard Herman

God of grace–Father who loves us from forever and into forever; Word made Flesh–Jesus, God the Son … Lord, Savior, Messiah; And Spirit … Counselor and Comforter: You are our delight and our hope. 

You are our Light in darkness, You are the Way when we are lost, our rock when we are shaken, and our Good Shepherd who knows us each by name. So, it is only natural that we lean on You when life overwhelms us, when trouble is too great and our strength too small. 

So, for those who are sick, for those recovering from surgery or recuperating from injury, for those anticipating treatment for all in need of healing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually we pray: Lord—in Your mercy and with Your power, Heal them. … Please . 

For all who mourn we pray for Your comfort, Your sustaining strength, Your presence in the valley of the shadow, and the hope and power of Your resurrection. In Your Mercy–Give them peace and hope. 

For those who need meaningful work; For those who have too little food, who can’t meet the mortgage payment or pay the utility bill; For those who have no place to call “home”; For those who are alone while others celebrate family; For those whose worries robbed them of sleep last night, For those who just want to be loved …and to be able to love; 

For those whose hurts are deep and whose needs are many; Lord–meet us all at the place where our needs create a crack in our soul that only You and Your grace can fill. Give us your best gifts, Gifts of love and grace, Gifts that restore our hearts, and meet our simple, basic needs. Empower us as Your people, Your church, to be different in the way your love, character, and purposes are different; to live Your Gospel daily. This we pray, hearts united and minds open to You in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN

Richard Herman

God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit: We need to hear Your invitation and promise to come to us when we are weary and burdened, and you’ll give us rest … rest for our souls.  So we come.  

We come with our own needs … and with those of our loved ones.  We’re tired—and need your rest.  We’re worried—and need your peace.  We’re confused—and need your guidance.  We’re lost—and need your salvation and rescue.  We can’t do it alone—we need You to help us.  

For those who are ill or injured—we pray for healing.  For those who grieve—we pray for comfort and assurance.  For those who are weak—we ask for strength.  For the homeless, hungry and thirsty—we ask for shelter, food and water.  

For our nation—we pray for righteousness, grace, and truth to increase.  For the world—we ask for peace to overcome war, understanding to displace hatred and suspicion, justice to overcome inequality and wrong, and truth to prevail in all things.  

For missionaries serving You across the globe—we ask for power to stay true to the Gospel in word and in deed, and for the strength to stay engaged with Your love.  For this church—keep us faithful in all things, at all times, in all our words and all our deeds, keeping to all Your will for us.  This we pray in the wonderful name of Jesus. AMEN

Richard Herman