Prayers of the People/Intercession on Peace

Sermon Illustrations on Peace

Prayer For God’s Help

O God, from whom to be turned is to fall,

to whom to be turned is to rise,

and with whom to stand is to abide for ever;

grant us in all our duties your help,

in all our perplexities your guidance,

in all our dangers your protection,

and in all our sorrows your peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Augustine of Hippo

Lord–some of us are running or dancing into the celebration to come; others of us are tired, limping or stumbling into it. Either way–You are standing there in Your love, with arms open wide, to receive us as we are. Your invitation today is to come to You as we are; to come honestly without  false pretense or pretending. 

We’re not much—but we’re Yours, and that alone makes us everything, by Your grace! So, because of Your love and not our efforts, because of Your compassion and not our devotion, we come asking You to move and make a difference in the lives of those we care about. We pray that You’d heal those who are sick, injured, or recuperating; and that You’d comfort all who mourn, whether their grief is fresh or lingering. 

We pray also that You would free the addicted ones from chains that rob them of freedom to love You and others fully; and that friendships, families, and communities ripped apart by addiction will be reconciled by Your redeeming power. 

For those with too little, for whom this year held economic set-back and even disaster, for those fighting to save a home, put food on the table, afford heat or life-preserving medications: Lord, meet their needs … and if that be through those of us who have enough and more than enough, move our hearts and open our hands in compassion. 

You made us in Your image to reflect your glory, to love You and one another–but we have lost our way. We pray for peace in a world that loves conflict and war. We pray for understanding in a world that thrives on suspicion and hatred. We pray for justice and compassion in a world set on pecking orders and getting ahead by pushing others aside. 

We pray for Your truth to prevail in a world that clings to lies and spin-doctoring. We pray for contentment in a world that feeds on dissatisfaction and a lust for more. We pray for hope in a world enveloped in the darkness of despair, ignorance. and poverty–and may we be an answer to these prayers through the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.  These are our prayers, offered in the strong name of Jesus. AMEN 

Richard Herman

Jesus: You gave us Your love at a high price – Your own death on the cross in our place!  By Your grace you give us eternal life and entrust to us Your creation.

Thank You, Lord!  

We come today as Your stewards, called to care for Your creation. Frankly, we’ve not done a very good job. You give us voices to speak for You: We speak of ourselves more than of You. You give us ears to listen to the hearts of others: We listen for what affirms our heart’s wishes.

You give us hands to reach out in Your name: We use them to grab stuff, and write on it our name. You give us feet to go to others with Your Good News: 

We use them to run for cover or to chase worldly pleasure. We’ve not done well – but we want to do differently! We want to please You in how we use Your treasures. Help us, we pray!  

Help us to be agents of peace in a war torn world. So we pray for peace. We pray for national and international leaders who need Your wisdom and courage to do what’s good, just and right. We pray this, especially, for our president and vice-president, for representatives and senators, judges and justices. 

Help us, we pray, to be ambassadors of your grace and truth wherever we go: in our homes, our schools, and our places of employment; in our families and in our friendships. Restore broken marriages and rebuild shattered families. Release spirits bound by depression and hopelessness. Free us that we may work with you to free others, and point them to You. And help us to be wounded healers, praying today for loved ones who are ill or injured; Help us to comfort the grieving. Give them hope,  peace, and a quiet rest in You. Finally, Jesus – enable, equip and encourage us all

to be Your missionaries in the spheres of influence where You place us. And empower, encourage, protect and provide for those who serve you in mission anywhere in the world. Hear all our prayers as we pray them in your Name — AMEN.

Richard Herman

God of all nations, Savior of the Church and Lord of our hearts: We come to You, at this time, with our hands empty and our souls crying out: “Lord, help us!” “Do what only You can do!” Change the course of nations through the power of Your gospel proclaimed from continent upon continent to every tribe, culture, language and people. 

Move the hearts of kings, presidents and leaders as a watercourse, that Your Spirit of justice and righteousness, reconciliation and peace may flow freely.  We pray that one day wars will cease; but that, in the meantime, You also protect loved ones who faithfully serve in harm’s way. Sustain Your church around the world. 

Keep Your people faithful, strong in the face of opposition, loving in the face of hatred, and truthful in the living declaration of Your gospel. We ask You to comfort those who mourn –  We pray that You will sustain and heal those recuperating from sickness and injury, and those still affected –  We release to You as well, those who need employment, those who are estranged from spouses or children, parents or friends, those who struggle with discouragement, depression, anxiety or loneliness.  Meet their life-needs in Your power, Your love and Your grace. All this we pray together, in your name, Lord 

Richard Herman

Our loving Father, You’ve loved us from everlasting to everlasting. While looking into the future we see only mist and shadows—you see it all with clarity and precision. That which we can only guess at —You know full well. And while we fumble around through life—You do all things well! You’re the God who knows … and the God who acts on our behalf; and you do it freely because of your grace, love, and mercy. It’s a gift—all of it. 

So, we’re confident praying to ask you to please…Heal those we love—whether they’re ill in body or mind, spirit or emotions. For those who are broken—please mend them. For those who are sick—please cure them. For those who are addicted—please free them. And, …

For those who are depressed—please lift their spirits from the pit and give them hope. For those who grieve–we ask that you’d give them your peace and comfort. For those who are lonely–we ask you to both be a companion and to give them friends for life’s journey. For those who need the basics of food, shelter, clothing, and safety–we ask you to provide those things and give them all they need for life and godliness. 

For those overwhelmed by the push, pull, rush, and hurry of our society–we ask you to come and quiet their restless souls, calm their racing minds, and give them peace: real peace, lasting peace … Your peace. 

As we look into our own futures with apprehension and anxiety, please open our eyes, enable us to see the hand that holds eternity—your hand; and enable us to know that Your hand is good and strong, that it’s loving and true; and with that vision, give us boldness as we move into the coming weeks, months, and years. This is our heart’s desire–this is our prayer:offered in the name of Jesus, Messiah. AMEN

Richard Herman

God of Grace–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: You are good and You are almighty.  You alone are worthy of our faith and trust and so we come to You with our hopes and hurts, our disappointments and dreams, grateful for Your invitation to come and pour out our hearts to You.  

We all have friends, family and acquaintances who need healing and encouragement today.  Heal the sick; aid the recovering; strengthen the weak; and mend the injured.  Give care-givers what they need to be able to help.  

There are others who grieve today.  Comfort them with Your love in the presence of those who care.  Give them Your restorative peace, and fill them with hope.  

Our world smells of fear.  We often feel powerless to do anything: but You can.  So we pray that You will.  

We pray for our nation: Give leaders wisdom to see the good and right way; and the courage to lead us in it.  Grant them the grace and humility to overcome pride in order to move forward.  

In the church world-wide: strengthen Your people to serve others, to give a clear testimony to your love and Good News, and to face opposition and persecution with perseverance and grace.  

Encourage those who serve in mission and empower those who minister, preach, and teach.  Enable us all to serve You with creativity, imagination, and love and so further Your kingdom of grace, truth, and love.  

For this church … for us … enable us to likewise serve faithfully and to devotedly share the Gospel in word and deed with our families, neighbors, and friends.  All this, and more, we pray in the name of Jesus.  AMEN

Richard Herman