Prayers of the People/Intercession on Pastors

Image of a manwith a microphone preaching representing pastors

We pray, dear God, for our spiritual leaders. Increase in them the charism of faith that they might preach the Word of God with boldness. Increase in them the charism of wisdom that they might guide us into the Way. Increase in them the charism of pastor that they might always lead us with compassion and strength.

Grow in them the fruit of gentleness that they might understand our frailty. Grow in them the fruit of peace that they might be free of manipulation. Grow in them the fruit of love that they might always serve out of a divine well spring.

Protect them from the attacks of the evil one. Protect them from the distractions that render their work ineffective. Protect them from the criticism of well-meaning people.

All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Richard Foster, Prayers From the Heart

God of Grace and God of Glory–rich in love and mercy, all-powerful and everywhere present: We come to You at Your bidding, trusting in Your faithful compassion and not in our fruitless efforts to do what is good or right or loving. We thank You always for the gift of new life in a child, the gift of new relationships in an engagement or marriage; the gift of new birth for those who hear the gospel and respond; and the gift of a new heaven and a new earth there for all who know You. 

All that is truly new comes from You, not from us. While we are not the healer–You are: So we ask You to make our friends whole, in body, soul, mind and spirit, restoring them to physical, spiritual or emotional health. We pray for Your healing for those recovering from surgery, sickness or injury; especially…Give them hope by Your resurrection and the peace that comes with Your presence. 

Encourage them in the days ahead and plant Your love deep in their hearts. For those soon going away to colleges and schools for the first time–and for their families–go before them and lead them into relationships that can encourage them in faithful discipleship to Jesus. For those returning to school soon, as students or teachers–likewise prepare them to live and learn Your truth and to showYour love to all. 

Awaken Your church to Your truth, infuse us with Your courage, hold us in Your grace and fill us with Your love for all, we pray. Make us a compelling witness to Your gospel’s truth and love in towns and cities, and around the world, so all may know You as Lord and Savior. For our nation, we pray: Lord of nations, guide our leaders. 

Give wisdom to our president, vice-president, senators, and congressmen … and grant courage to lead us in Your ways according to Your truth, statutes and commands. Protect those who serve faithfully in harm’s way in the military. And we pray for peace, reconciliation and justice in lands torn apart by war and violence in the Middle East, Africa and Asia; and for those who are victims of warfare. 

Now, we pray for our preacher. May we hear, obey and never forget what he says that’s of Your true will and mind; and what’s not of You, may we forget before we walk out the door. Fill his mouth with Your Word–and open our ears to hear it, and our will to do it. All this and more, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Richard Herman