Prayers of the People/Intercession on Neighbor

Image of homes next to each other representing being a neighbor

Almighty Father, giver of every good and perfect gift, who has made the light of your truth shine in our hearts: Make us to walk as children of light in all goodness and righteousness, that we may have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of dark­ness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

W. Walsham How, Language adapted for Modern Worship by Stuart Strachan Jr.

O God,

whom we cannot love unless we love our neighbors,

remove hate and prejudice from us and from all people,

so that your children may be reconciled

with those we fear, resent, or threaten;

and live together in your peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Let us pray for those who govern us.

[Silent prayer]


Lord: In our times of weakness and our hours of need, Yours is the strength that enables us to carry on,Yours the shoulder we rest our heads upon. When our load is heavy and too much to bear, Yours are the arms that stretch out to help us and the grace that we depend on. When we’re weak and in need, Yours is the voice we hear saying: ‘Come to Me, and find rest for your weary soul.’ So, we come to you today in prayer. Please Lord—heal those we love who are sick; strengthen those who are recuperating, encourage those who care for our loved ones, and may all know that You are the Healer and Great Physician. We especially pray for____________. 

Please Lord—comfort all who mourn with the peace of Your presence, that peace which passes all our understanding as it keeps our hearts and minds in love.

We especially pray for the families of _______. Please Lord—in a world gone crazy with hatred and suspicion, replace anger with reconciliation and hatred with understanding. Enable us to live as agents of Your Kingdom in our nation and neighborhoods; and for those serving as missionaries in dark places and dark times—give them courage to let the light of Your gospel shine in and through them with clarity and power…we think especially of those in _______.

Please Lord—guide us as a nation so that we can live up to the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. Allow us to look beyond our selves to see the needs of the neighbor, the stranger and the needy. Please Lord—Empower us as Your church to be different, to be the Salt of the Earth and to be the Light of the World. Give us the heart of our Savior, the mind of the Holy Spirit, and the creativity of our Father that we might be an outpost of Your Kingdom And a colony of heaven on earth.And bless Your Word as it is taught today—please, Lord. May Your Thoughts Be faithfully spoken, heard, understood, believed and lived;so that in all things we might be more like Jesus…

Richard Herman

Praying for Your City

The good folks at The Center for Action & Contemplation and Mile High Ministries in Denver, Colorado,
have written a beautiful prayer adapted from Walter Brueggemann’s Prayers for a Privileged People. It’s
hoped it will inspire Christians to pray for their local communities.

As per their invitation, I’ve inserted prompts so you can adapt the prayer for your local community.

The prayer may be prayed in a group setting with one voice reading the regular print and all voices
reading the bold print, it may be prayed by two voices, or it may be prayed by a single voice.

Loving God, you have set us in families and clans, in cities and neighborhoods.
Our common life began in a garden, but our destiny lies in the city.

You have placed us in NAME OF CITY. This is our home.
Your creativity is on display here through the work of human hearts and hands.

We pray for NAME OF CITY today—for the East Side, West Side, North, and South.
We pray for our poorest neighbors and for powerful people in offices downtown. We pray for people
from the ’hood and the barrio, LIST ADDITIONAL GROUPS OF PEOPLE IN YOUR CITY.

We pray for NAME OF CITY’S neighbors:
could also add sister cities to this section.)
and a thousand other cities connected to our own.

In all our neighborhoods this day there will be crime and callous moneymaking;
there will be powerful people unable or unwilling to see the vulnerable who are their neighbors.
There will also be beautiful acts of compassion and creativity in all these places—forgiveness and
generosity; neighbors working together for a more just community.

Help us see this place as something other than a battleground between us and them, where our
imaginations are limited by win/lose propositions and endless rivalry.
Show us a deeper reality, God: Show us your playground, and invite us to play.

Like the city of your dreams, make this a city where those who were once poor enjoy the fruits of their
A place where children are no longer doomed to misfortune, but play safely in the streets under the
watchful eyes of caring, healthy adults;

A place where former rivals and natural enemies work and play together in peace;
And where all people enjoy communion with you.

Those gathered are invited to offer their own prayers during a time of silence.
We pray in the name of the one who wept over the city, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Adapted from Beyond Our Efforts: A Celebration of Denver Peacemaking (Mile High Ministries: 2019),
251; and Walter Brueggemann, “This City . . . of God,” Prayers for a Privileged People (Abingdon Press:
2010), 157 by Lisa Degrenia,