Prayers of the People/Intercession on Marriage

Sermon Illustrations on Marriage

Lord of Hope and God of all that’s new—Father, Son and Holy Spirit: We’re filled with wonder, gratitude, and joy inspired by the gifts of new life You freely give us. There’s the joy and wonder of every new day, that calls to mind Your resurrection with each rising sun. There’s the joy and wonder of the new beginnings that come with marriage. 

There’s the joy and wonder of the living miracle of birth. And we’re moved by the wonder and joy of mature love seen in decades of marriage—the kind of love that echoes Your ever-faithful love for us: so we thank You for your steadfast love and faithfulness.  

We pray for newly married couples and for every married couple here, that you provide grace—for hard times that will come; mutual forgiveness, understanding, patience, and the willingness to change ourselves and not our partners as we grow and mature in our love. We pray for all of us who are parents and grandparents, new and old, asking for you to give us patience with ourselves as well as our children; and wisdom to know when to speak and what to say, as well as to know when not to speak but just listen. 

Sovereign Lord: we pray for our world, Your world—that peace would displace war, health replace sickness, contentment replace hunger and thirst, understanding replace suspicion, compassion replace apathy, hope replace despair,  and that Your Good News would be heard, known, and understood in every community, bringing hope and salvation in Jesus Christ. 

For Your church—pressed on every side to conform to the pattern of this world rather than the shape of Your Kingdom, and to abandon Your Word’s clear teaching rather than stay faithful to the Truth: we pray that Your Spirit’s power would strengthen us for living the Gospel, equip us to declare the Good News, unite us to demonstrate the Truth and enable us, as Your followers, to be more like You, Jesus, since we are your Body on earth. These are our prayers, offered in the name of Jesus our Lord. AMEN

Richard Herman

Jesus, Lord—because you took on flesh, You know what it’s like to be us.You know what keeps us awake at night, or yanks us out of sleep in the early morning. You know what it’s like to have good days and bad days, too. You know the feelings of being physically tired, emotionally exhausted and mentally drained.

We’re grateful for a God who knows what it’s like to be us. You know the joys of a newborn child in a family. You care about parents who care for their children with wisdom, love, grace and faithfulness so that one day they’ll turn and follow You. Give them what they need to fulfill their calling to love as You love. 

You care about weddings and marriages that follow. Bless husbands and wives with your love that bears all things,hopes all things, endures all things, that never fails. May our homes reflect Your love for us and ours for You to all who see them.You also know what happens when the wonder fades and real life takes its toll on families and marriages—when relationships get strained, sometimes to the breaking point, when our own strength is not enough, when forgiveness and reconciliation is tough. 

Lord—come as the One who specializes in reconciliation, in hope and in persistent love. Make a way home for those who’ve wandered; and an open door when they return. Lord: You’re aware of what sickness does to us. You showed compassion for the ill or injured. Lord—come as the One who can and does heal. 

Come to make well and to uphold, to encourage and to restore. Come also to caregivers, imparting strength and patience, so that they won’t flag in their loving care. We pray especially for: You also know death, grief and mourning. 

You’ve wept at the graveside of a loved one, You’ve even walked through death’s door, and in so doing, broke its hold on us by Your resurrection. Come, Risen One—as the Lord of Life. Comfort those who grieve with Your presence. Give them peace, hope and courage. We pray especially for the parents who’ve had to bury their children: something no parent should ever have to do.You also know the ways of nations and kings, of armies and diplomats. 

Father—we ask you to comfort families in grief because of war—those who’ve lost sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. Be to them a warm presence, and a gentle light in the cold, dark shock of grief. 

And, Lord—may there come a day when nations will not need armies to protect peace and justice, when there will be no more war; and may it come in our lifetime. Today—we especially want to remember the refugees and immigrants who have no place to call home–some displaced by wars, others who are targets of oppression and persecution, still more for whom deprivation, hunger or hopelessness have driven them out. We also pray for….This–and more still within our hearts–is our prayer, offered in Your name. Amen. 

Richard Herman

Father: Thank You for always being ready to welcome us and listen to us. 

Thank You for sending Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Savior: born like us, experiencing all that we experience yet sinless, who died for us and rose to give us hope and a new life. 

And thank You for not leaving us alone, but pouring out Your Holy Spirit to encourage, empower and equip us for all that you have for us to do. Some here today are struggling at home or in a marriage, Lord – show them the way. 

Give them strength and grace sufficient for anything. 

For some here, it was all they could do just to get here. They are overwhelmed by life, Lord – too many responsibilities, too little time, and even fewer resources. Coping is even just beyond their reach. Come alongside. Lift them up. 

Send a friend today to support and encourage them. Show them that there’s a way out – and lead them in it. Someone is deep in despair, depression and discouragement, today. 

There are many we know and love who need Your healing, Your protection, and Your peace. We pray for those who are ill, hospitalized or recuperating, and for those who anticipate tests, treatment or surgery … 

By Your wounds we are healed, by Your power we are protected, by Your Word of benediction we are blessed.  Heal (in body, soul and spirit) these for whom we’ve prayed. Comfort those who mourn … 

Guide those who are lost or confused … Enable us to trust You in all things, at all times and in all circumstances. We pray for Your church – that we might be faithful to the mission entrusted to us to point the way to Christ Jesus by what we do, who we are and through what we say: 

For Your church world-wide: advance the gospel in places where there is no church as of yet. For the church of Jesus Christ in the [insert country here] and in our community – revive us again that we might declare Your Good News with integrity and power, and so change our nation. 

For this congregation: Bless its leaders with wisdom when they need wisdom, courage when they need courage, grace when they need grace and love at all times.  Meet our needs that we might glorify You as our great provider. This we pray in the name of Jesus, Your only begotten Son and our only Savior. AMEN.

Richard Herman