Prayers of the People/Intercession on Jesus

Sermon Illustrations on Jesus

Compassionate God—In Christ, you enter our condition; you experience our sorrow and our joy, and redeem them. By Your Holy Spirit, you carry us along: in crisis and celebration, in despair and accomplishment, defeat and victory.  We’re never alone … thank You.  What we know—You know; which means we can come to you with anything.  

For those we care about who are ill or injured,in pain physically or emotionally: Please heal them, Father. Restore health of body, mind, soul and spirit. Eradicate cancer. Heal broken bones. Defeat infections. 

Make well those recovering from surgery… and do it all to Your glory and the joy of those you heal. We pray on behalf of those who grieve today—knit together broken hearts, comfort those who mourn with your presence and with the presence of Your people, and give them the peace and hope of the resurrection in your Son, Jesus. 

We pray for our world, for you are the Lord over all countries and nations, kings, prime-ministers and presidents.  We pray for our own nation: that you’d raise up the leaders we need—not necessarily the ones we deserve. 

We pray on behalf of those in places where there’s too much water, and others where there is too little, for those who have too much and those with almost nothing at all, for the powerful and the powerless; and we ask that You’ll act to protect the weak, help the displaced, provide for the poor and challenge the strong to use their resources for what’s good and righteous. 

Please protect those whose duty takes them into dangerous places—and those who call those same places their home.  And comfort the families of those whose duty cost their lives.  For the church—we ask you to be gracious with us, especially when we screw things up; and we do that a lot.  Keep us faithful to Your Word. 

Enable us to be the salt of the earth and light of the world you call us to be.  Help us to speak the truth and live the truth but always gracefully and with love.  Guide, revive and empower us as a congregation; and do likewise in the larger Church to which we belong. This we pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN

Richard Herman

Father: Thank You for always being ready to welcome us and listen to us. 

Thank You for sending Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Savior: born like us, experiencing all that we experience yet sinless, who died for us and rose to give us hope and a new life. 

And thank You for not leaving us alone, but pouring out Your Holy Spirit to encourage, empower and equip us for all that you have for us to do. Some here today are struggling at home or in a marriage, Lord – show them the way. 

Give them strength and grace sufficient for anything. 

For some here, it was all they could do just to get here. They are overwhelmed by life, Lord – too many responsibilities, too little time, and even fewer resources. Coping is even just beyond their reach. Come alongside. Lift them up. 

Send a friend today to support and encourage them. Show them that there’s a way out – and lead them in it. Someone is deep in despair, depression and discouragement, today. 

Looking all around at the bright lights, the tinsel and the happy music only exacerbates the darkness.Come, Lord Jesus, light of the world, and shine Your light of hope into the shadows and gloom. 

There are many we know and love who need Your healing, Your protection, and Your peace. We pray for those who are ill, hospitalized or recuperating, and for those who anticipate tests, treatment or surgery … 

By Your wounds we are healed, by Your power we are protected, by Your Word of benediction we are blessed.  Heal (in body, soul and spirit) these for whom we’ve prayed. Comfort those who mourn … 

Guide those who are lost or confused … Enable us to trust You in all things, at all times and in all circumstances. We pray for Your church – that we might be faithful to the mission entrusted to us to point the way to Christ Jesus by what we do, who we are and through what we say: 

For Your church world-wide: advance the gospel in places where there is no church as of yet. For the church of Jesus Christ in the [insert country here] and in our community – revive us again that we might declare Your Good News with integrity and power, and so change our nation. 

For this congregation: Bless its leaders with wisdom when they need wisdom, courage when they need courage, grace when they need grace and love at all times.  Meet our needs that we might glorify You as our great provider. This we pray in the name of Jesus, Your only begotten Son and our only Savior. AMEN.

Richard Herman