Prayers of the People/Intercession on Government

Prayers of Confession on Government

Father God–You invite us to come as a child to his/her daddy. You invite us to open our souls to You. You invite us to lay our desires before You. You are fond of us, Your children–so we come to You humbly, lovingly, yet confidently. We pray for your world–which You created and called “good”. Now we see it so riddled by war and hatred, infected with hopelessness and despair, confused, having lost its way, and refusing to walk in Yours. 

Shine Your light in the dark corners of the earth: Ignite your followers as lamps to show the Way. Encourage disheartened missionaries. We pray for our world and nation. Heal our land! Let Your justice roll down like a mighty river, to cleanse away injustice. Replace suspicion of neighbor with trust. Guide our leaders in Your ways, and give us all the courage to follow Your paths. Grant your wisdom and strength to our President, Vice President, Legislators and judges. Lord, Revive Your church in America! Make us all salt in a dying and tasteless culture. 

Make us light in places where night has fallen. And, pour out Your Spirit on this church–Empowering the ministry You’ve already given us and lead us in new avenues of reaching this community, and the World, with the good News of Your Son Jesus Christ. We ask Your comfort for friends and loved ones who mourn. 

Walk with them through the valley of the shadow. Give them Your peace which passes all understanding. We pray especially for … We pray for Your healing for those who are ill, injured, recuperating from or anticipating surgery: Heal them in body, soul and spirit. Protect them from anxiety; buoy them with hope. We ask Your healing grace especially for ….All this, and more, we confidently ask You to hear and grant, to the glory of Your Son, our Savior–Jesus–Amen.

Richard Herman

Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: You taught us to pray not only for ourselves but for people everywhere, so now hear us as we pray for others, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. We ask that You inspire Your whole church in power, unity, and peace. Grant that all who trust you may obey Your Word, and live together in love. 

As we pray for the world, we ask that You lead all nations in the way of Your true justice and righteous goodwill. Direct those who govern, that they may rule fairly, maintain order, help those in need, and defend the oppressed; so this world may know your rule and experience true peace. Lord, awaken all people to the danger we’ve inflicted upon the earth. 

Implant in each of us a reverence for all you’ve made that we may preserve the delicate balance in creation for all who will come after us. Please give your grace and strength to all who proclaim the gospel through Word and Sacrament and in deeds of mercy, so that by their teaching and example they may show your love for all people, at all times and in all places. Comfort and relieve, O Lord, all who are in trouble…sorrow…poverty…sickness…grief…

especially those known to us, and those whom we hold before you in silence…Heal them in body, mind, or circumstance, working in them, by your grace, wonders beyond all they may ask for, dream or hope. In addition, bring to our minds and hearts all those who, having served you on earth, now sing your praise always in heaven. May the endurance of your faithful ones give us courage and their faithfulness give us hope. This we ask in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN

Richard Herman