Prayers of the People/Intercession on Goodness

Prayers of Confession on Goodness

 Good and Gracious Lord, You hold us in the palm of Your strong hand, working all things for our good and to Your glory. There’s no place we can go that escapes Your notice and is hidden from Your loving attention. We’re amazed by Your power and in awe of Your grace: You take what’s inadvertently or intentionally evil and bend it to Your will and ways. So, remembering Your wondrous grace and awesome power, we open our hearts, lifting our burdens and cares to You. For our world, we pray: For peace: end the warring madness that threatens to destroy all. 

For the victims of natural disasters and for social and political unrest around the globe: Protect the poor and needy from exploitation. Give food to the hungry and freedom to captives. For our nation, we pray for justice and honesty for elections in states and cities, that individuals with a heart for your ways of truth would find their way into office. 

We also pray for our nation’s president, vice-president, congressmen and senators – that they would lead us in Your ways of justice, righteousness and truth. We intercede also for those who have been touched by the grief of loss this week. We pray on behalf of friends and family, brothers and sisters in Christ who are ill or injured, recuperating and recovering; we ask Your healing power and restorative touch for them. 

May they know Your presence to comfort and encourage. May they rise up to call you “Blessed” for Your goodness in their lives. For the anxious among us – give them confidence and peace. For those feeling the pain of broken relationships – bring Your reconciliation, love, forgiveness and grace. To the lonely – be a friend and bring a new friend. 

For the hopeless – show them a way and give them a light in the darkness. For all of us, never leave us nor forsake us, remind us always of your love and power. For all this, and more in our heart of hearts, we pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Richard Herman

Lord – You are good …and Your goodness knows no bounds. When we were lost, You sought us out, found us and brought us home. When we were alone, You came near to us, and You gave us a new circle of friends and family. Each breath we take, each sunrise we see, each heartbeat we feel and each song we sing or hear – all are gifts from You.

So, we THANK You for Your grace and faithfulness. Trusting in that grace and faithfulness: We come boldly and freely to You carrying those we care about to You and lifting our own needs before You. 

You hold the world in the palm of Your hand: So, we ask for your comfort and we pray for your justice and righteousness to prevail.We are a violent people and we live in a violent world – whether it’s seen in an epidemic of domestic violence or abuse; whether it’s seen on the streets of our cities or in our school yards, or even in our games and sports!  

Lord: teach us Your ways, help us to walk the paths of reconciliation and peace, of truth and justice. We pray for those in need of Your healing grace … We ask you to comfort the grieving with Your peace in the gospel of Your resurrection love. We pray for families, who gather this week to laugh, remember, sometimes to weep and to share in saying “Thank You, Lord” for how blessed we are! 

Yet, there are families stretched to the limit – emotionally, fiscally, relationally, spiritually.  Give each one in those families the grace to admit needs, to ask forgiveness, to seek ways to change and to grow together in You. 

Finally, we pray for the hearts of all of us in this room. Where there is confusion – show the way. Where there is fear – replace it with peace. Where there is discouragement or even depression – encourage and restore hope. Where there is emptiness – fill it with Your own presence that can fully satisfy the longings and quench the thirsty soul. We look to You, today, Lord, saying, “Thank you, Jesus.” And it’s in Your name we pray … AMEN.

Richard Herman

Lord Jesus: knowing that you are good and strong, loving, wise, holy and faithful, we come to you today in prayer for all the needs and concerns in our minds and hearts. Lord, we pray for Your whole church and for this congregation ,that we might live as your followers, citizens of your kingdom, walking in grace and truth, loved and affirmed by You (We pray especially for… church leaders…and all God’s People.) 

O God, who rules forever in power and grace, justice and compassion:ever keeping watch over the nations: We pray for all nations of the earth, that love would guide us and genuine peace prevail. We pray for our nation, our community, and all in authority. (Our president, vice president, congress and judges …) 

For wisdom to know the good and right way, and for the courage to lead us in that way for your glory and our good. Lord Jesus, as you gave sight to the blind, restored the crippled and healed lepers…,we pray that you would heal those who suffer in body, mind, or spirit, and we pray especially for … 

You hold our souls in life, O God, and will not allow our feet to slip. We pray for those we love celebrating with joy, birthdays, anniversaries and accomplishments …Give them joy in your grace.Father God, we remember our Lord’s resurrection which we celebrate every Sunday as we remember before you those who’ve died, (especially…) 

May they rest with Christ in eternal glory; and may their families and loved ones find comfort in your presence and in the promise of the resurrection.Lord Jesus, in your faithfulness to us, you shower us with grace, mercy, love, and all we need; we pray that you would shape our hearts that they would be filled with gratitude, so we will always turn to you and give thanks.

Richard Herman

Faithful and Good God–our Father, Redeemer and Companion. You know all about us–and love us anyhow; nothing we are or do surprises you or puts you off. Therefore, we turn to you with assurance and trust in your love and power. You care … and you can make a difference. You care about our world–as confusing and messed up as it is. 

You care about nations in turmoil within and at war without. You care about the poor caught in the crossfire of politics and economics, and You care about those disenfranchised because of their skin color, ethnic heritage, or religious upbringing. 

So we pray for your grace to reach out to all created in your image and for whom you died: bring peace, banish hunger and poverty, give hope in Jesus’ name! You care about this nation–even as we’ve strayed from your ways. Forgive our obsessions and addictions to pleasure, wealth, sensuality, comfort and ease. 

Forgive our driveness to acquire and protect our stuff, and to hold it with a closed fist–rather to see it as a gift to be given to benefit others and build your kingdom. Guide the coming election. Raise those who will lead our community, state and nation in the ways of your kingdom justice, compassion and truth. Protect our young men and women serving in harm’s way. 

You care when your people are touched by death, loss and grief–and so we ask you to comfort those who mourn. Give them peace, your peace, that comes when we trust our loved ones to you and rest in the hope of the resurrection. 

You care whenever we encounter trials and pain, whether they’re physical, emotional, spiritual or relational. You’ve been here, so you know. Therefore, we pray you heal damaged or strained relationships–before it’s too late. Please … heal depressed souls, troubled minds, and broken hearts. 

Enable us to receive and give forgiveness as those you have forgiven. And, we also ask you to restore and heal those who are sick, injured, recovering and rehabilitating physically–make them well as soon as possible, and give them patience in the meantime. Grant strength, fortitude and grace to all who care for them. This is our prayer, offered in Jesus’ name. AMEN

Richard Herman