Prayers of the People/Intercession on Freedom

Woman with arms in sky representing freedom

Lord of families, tribes, peoples, nations and all the world: it’s for freedom You’ve set us free from sin, guilt, and judgment; free to do what is right and just, what is compassionate, gracious and loving.  We’re free to be who You made us to be.  We’re free to come to You as we are with anything.  We’re free to come to you in prayer—… and we do.  We come praying for those whose freedom means they serve to protect our freedom.  

Guard our young men and women serving in harm’s way, anywhere duty may call them. Make them good and wise, cautious, truthful, and caring–may they represent this nation well; and may those who know You be Your ambassadors, even in uniform.  

We come praying for our nation’s leaders—our president and vice-president, the congress and judiciary: that they’ll be wise in Your ways for not only our nation, but for all nations, just and truthful in their convictions, and compassionate in their actions.  When they need courage to do what is right rather than what is expedient, or courage to set aside their own or our own self-interest in order to love justice, mercy and truth for all, then give them such courage.  

And for us as citizens—make us mindful of our dual citizenship: as people of Your heavenly kingdom first and foremost, and also of this earthly nation as well; and help us not to confuse our loyalties.  For those in need of healing today—we pray for You to heal them and to encourage their care-givers.  For those in need of comfort in the midst of grief—we ask for peace, consolation and hope.  

For the isolated and lonely—we pray for Your companionship and for the friendship of others to encourage them.  For victims of disaster—earthquakes, floods, wildfires, drought–we pray for Your protection and provision, and for people who will care for them in Your name.  We pray, also, for Your church.  

We ask for Your forgiveness for our stupidity and our unfaithfulness to Your Word and Your Ways of truth and holiness.  Give us the moral strength, the spiritual wisdom and persistent faithfulness to live, act and be as lights in this world’s darkness, as a life-giving community in deadly times, and as a safe place on a dangerous journey home.  We want to be faithful to You—help us! Please!  These are the prayers of our heart–or at least some of them–offered up in the name that’s above every name: Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN 

Richard Herman

Father: You shape and form us so each is unique yet all are in Your image, when You breathe into us the breath of life. We praise You! Jesus, God the Son–Resurrection and Life: You chose to die and rise from the dead to free us from sin and death, and give us eternal life. 

We praise You! Living Spirit, who sustains our life by Your presence: You give us strength, when we are weak; direction, when we are lost; and love at all times. We praise You! We praise you for hope that’s ours because of Jesus’ resurrection: Hope to face life with courage and meet death in peace; Hope to sustain us in dark times, for we know our life’s light comes with the rising Son. 

Therefore, we can pray with expectant hope …For those who need healing in spirit, soul, mind and body; For those who need comfort in grief and guidance when confused; For those who celebrate new life, but who also face the call to parent; For those who are without necessities of life; For those who have no gospel witness in their own tongue and culture. This we pray, in the name that is above every naGod–Father, Son and Holy Spirit: We praise you at the opening of this day of days! me–even the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Richard Herman