Prayers of the People/Intercession on Endurance

Man walking in the desert representing endurance

God ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Your grace welcomes us. Your faithfulness gives us hope.  Your love invites us to come as we are—not as we think we ought to be, nor, even, as we want to be.  

While some of us are joyful, strong, and full of peace: Some of us are tired. Some of us are discouraged. Some of us are confused. Some of us are anxious and worried. We need Your wisdom, strength, and love.  

There are some who need healing today—and we worry about them: whether it’s a lingering illness, impending surgery, or a lengthy recovery. Please restore them—physically,  emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Whatever healing they need—please … make them well. 

There are some who need comforting today—the holidays are coming, there will be an empty place at the table, and they suddenly feel alone. Comfort those who mourn.  

There are some who can’t sleep at night, whose minds race, who see our world crumbling and worry about tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that. Give them peace in Your sovereignty.  Guide the leaders of nations—including our own to make wise and just decisions, and to lead in paths of righteousness.  

There are some who’ve given up on the church—on Your church, on our church …and there are some churches and church people who’ve given up on them. Where we’ve given up—forgive us. Enable us to keep on loving, even when it’s not easy. Where we’ve let go of You and held on to our own wisdom, our own resources, our own wants and wishes, forgive—and enable us to trust You.  

Please keep us faithful as a people and as individuals; and empower our brothers and sisters who serve You and Your Gospel in hard places—like …  All of this, and more that is still tucked in the quietness of our hearts, we pray in the wonderful name of Jesus.  AMEN

Richard Herman

​​Save My Soul, Good Gardener based on the Parable of the Sower

Save my soul, Good Gardener

Evil flies in wanting to steal my hope

Work piles up,

insecure boulders ready to crash,

leaving no room to root

My faith begins to wither as does our relationship

Distractions grow, choking my gratitude

my perspective

my spirit

Guard me

Guide me

Deliver me

Clear the land

Weed then seed

Nourish the soil of my soul

I long to blossom and bring forth your fruit, a hundredfold

Save My Soul, Good Gardener © 2017 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia, www.revlisad.com