Prayers of the People/Intercession on Danger

Opening Prayer/Prayer of Adoration on Danger

Prayer For God’s Help

O God, from whom to be turned is to fall,

to whom to be turned is to rise,

and with whom to stand is to abide for ever;

grant us in all our duties your help,

in all our perplexities your guidance,

in all our dangers your protection,

and in all our sorrows your peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Augustine of Hippo

Lord of grace and truth: You meet us where we’re at.  And when everybody lies to us, you speak with candor and honesty about what’s good, right and true.  We can trust you–and we do.  That’s why we can rejoice with you in what is new: a new life, a new relationship, new opportunities, new commitments to You, and all the things you make new in and for us. 

That’s also why we can turn you with what keeps us awake at night. We lift up those we love who are in need of healing today–that you would restore bodies that are sick or injured, minds and emotions that are troubled or damaged. 

Please heal our friends and loved ones; and encourage those who give them care. We hold close to our hearts and hold up to yours, those who grieve today–whether that grief is fresh or lingering; and we ask you to please comfort them in your love, refresh them with your peace, and encourage them with resurrection hope. 

We pray for our nation—that we’ll live up to our ideals: of justice for all, the value of life, compassion for the poor and persecuted, and the freedom to do what is good for others.  Empower our nation’s leaders to lead us in good and right ways; and protect our young men and women who serve in dangerous places as well as those who call those places “home.”  

Bless Your church as we seek to be faithful and help us to get it right more often.  Make us a colony of heaven, Lord, where the ways and truth of your Kingdom are seen by all.  This is our prayer–in Your name, to your glory.  AMEN

Richard Herman