Prayers of the People/Intercession on COVID Pandemic

COVID-19 Worship Resources

We thank you, God our Father, that by your grace, mercy and love, expressed today in Word and Sacrament, You give us Your Son, the true bread from heaven and the fountain of living water.  Strengthen us in Your service by the spiritual nourishment we receive each day, and by that which we’re about to receive, so that our daily living before a watching world may show our thanks to You, reveal your truth and love, and bring you all the glory. 

As those constantly nourished by Your gifts, we pray for others in need of Your graces: For those in need of healing—heal, restore, give them hope: especially for those ravaged by diseases like AIDS, COVID, or cholera. 

For those in need of comfort in their grief—give them Your peace. For the hungry, the homeless, and the helpless—meet their needs for food and water, for shelter and protection, for justice and a helping hand. For those who live in fear—fear of tomorrow, fear of personal economic crisis, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection or failure—replace fear with trust, anxiety with peace, and despair with hope. 

For those devastated by violence in our world please protect them, intercede for them, and bring a just and sustainable peace to every corner of Your beloved world. For those who’ve never heard or understood or believed the Gospel—we pray for missionaries to cross cultural divides with the Good News, and that we’ll gladly live and share the Gospel with those we know through winsome grace, consistent love, and persistent action. This we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN

Richard Herman