Prayers of the People/Intercession for Maundy Thursday

Image of communion representing the holiday of Maundy Thursday

Blessed Lord Jesus, who, when you were about to depart from this world, having loved your own, and loving them to the end, initiated the holy sacrament of your Body and Blood, the dying legacy of your love: Grant, we earnestly pray, that we may never draw near to your altar, save with hearts enkindled by our love for you and for one another; for your dear name’s sake.

W.E. Scudamore, Language Adapted for Modern Worship by Stuart Strachan Jr.

The love of Christ has gathered us as one.

Let us rejoice and be glad in him.

Let us fear and love the living God

And in purity of heart let us love one another.

Where charity and love are, there is God.

When therefore we are gathered together

Let us not be divided in spirit.

Let bitter strife and discord cease between us;

Let Christ our God be present in our midst.

Where charity and love are, there is God.

With all the blessed may we see for ever

Your face in glory, Jesus Christ our God.

Joy that is infinite and undefiled

For all the ages of eternity.

Where charity and love are, there is God. Amen.

Hymn: Ubi Caritas, from The Western Rite