Prayers of the People/Intercession on Pride

Sermon Illustrations on Pride

Our heavenly Father: You’ve seen how hard life can be for us. You hear our prayers for forgiveness and help. You listen when we cry aloud in pain or when we just weep into our pillow alone in the night. And You are moved: Your heart breaks and Your hands act in love. We’ve heard it of old, and we’ve known it in our own lives. 

Therefore, we turn to You confident in Your grace and goodness, Your strength and wisdom. You know–You care–You act. So we pray for those who suffer–in pain and illness, at the hands of oppressive governments and due to the hard hearts of people. Lord—deliver them! 

Especially the children and those most vulnerable. We pray for You to comfort those who grieve a loss, any loss: the loss of a spouse, parent, child, or even beloved animal to death; the loss of a friendship broken by pride and anger; the loss of a position or possession, a job or home; the loss of respect, honor and esteem or the loss of love. 

Restore peace of mind and give them each the hope they need. We pray for Your church–in whatever shape or label it comes: that You’d keep us faithful to your great commandment to love as You have loved us, and to your great commission to go, live and tell the Good News of the Gospel. 

Give leaders and pastors the wisdom they need to know Your way and to shepherd your people accordingly. And wherever You guide us to serve you, and whatever you call us to do–provide all we need to fulfill your calling; and do the same for all anywhere who proclaim Your gospel and build-up those who call You Lord. We offer these prayers in the name of Jesus who came once as a child that we might become children of God. AMEN

Richard Herman

God of the heavens and the earth, Giver of sun and showers, wind and calm: 

We praise You for Your grace and power, Your beauty, grace and care. You sustain us daily, and encourage us constantly. Thank You that there’s no season of life when You’re not present with us: You’re there at our birth. You celebrate passages through baptism and commissioning, graduations, weddings, retirements and funerals. 

We lean on you when we’re weak, weep with You when we’re heartbroken, and laugh with You when we’re joyful. All life is lived and experienced in Your presence. You care about each moment we live and each anxiety we feel. So, we can ask You, in Your grace, to…Heal those who are sick, injured and recuperating–heal hurt bodies, wounded souls and discouraged spirits. 

Comfort the mourning, as they feel the loss of being separated from loved ones or any other loss. Find the lost–those whose relationships are so broken that they’re estranged and distant, those who’ve wandered far from Your love and separate from Your Church–and bring them home … all of the lost. 

Protect the innocent: the children, the unborn, the poor, the abandoned and the abused. Surround them with Your love and open the doors of Your kingdom and of Your church to them. Guide our nation’s leaders–giving wisdom, courage and grace to our president, vice-president, congressmen and senators. 

Restore the soul of our land, humble our boastful pride,cleanse our sullied character and make us righteous, conformed to Your character and will. And we pray for Your church. Thwart personal and political agendas, and advance the cause of Your gospel. Make the church to be a light on a hill, a lamp shining in the darkness and salt,flavoring and preserving a community and a nation with Your truth, love and life. This we pray, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.  

Richard Herman

God of Grace–Father, Son and Holy Spirit: You are good. You are strong. And, You are loving.  Therefore, we trust You–even as we often are people with trust issues who live in a world that has trust issues. But You alone—are worthy of our faith and trust. You are faithful … wise … and just; and You invite us to come to You with our hopes and hurts, our disappointments and dreams … and we do.  

There are close friends, family, and acquaintances of ours in need of healing and encouragement today. We lift them to You because we can’t do it. Make the sick well; aid the recovering; strengthen the weak; and mend the injured. Give care-givers what they need to be able to help.  There are others who are grieving today—as we all do some time.  Comfort them with Your love in the presence of those who care. Give them Your restorative peace, and fill them with hope.  

Lord, we have made this world a scary place in many ways—and we feel powerless to do anything: but You can. So we pray that You will. There’s turmoil in our own land—maybe especially swirling around our nation’s capital. Give leaders wisdom beyond their own to find a way. Grant them the grace and humility to overcome petty partisan pride in order to move forward for the common good of country. Give them courage to do what is right rather than just what is politically expedient;… show us the way, Lord. Show us the way.  

In the world-wide church: strengthen Your people to serve others, to give a clear testimony to your love and Good News, and to face opposition and persecution with perseverance and grace. Encourage those who serve in mission. Empower those who minister, preach and teach.  Enable our missionaries to serve with creativity, imagination, and love so that more may be brought into Your kingdom of light and love.  

For this church … for us … enable us to likewise live faithfully, serve faithfully and devotedly share the Gospel in word and deed with our families, neighbors and friends.  Meet our financial needs and raise up volunteer servants.  All this, and more, we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. AMEN

Richard Herman