Prayers of Invocation on Wisdom

Sermon Illustrations on Wisdom

O gracious and holy God,

give us diligence to seek you,

wisdom to perceive you,

and patience to wait for you.

Grant us, O God,

a mind to meditate on you,

eyes to behold you,

ears to listen for your Word,

a heart to love you,

and a life to proclaim you,

through the power of the Spirit

of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Benedict of Nursia, Attributed.


Inspired by Proverbs 6

Father in Heaven, wisdom has called us to heed her voice. She has implored the simple to turn towards her truth, for the one who lacks sense to eat from her table. We have heard wisdom’s clarion cry, but rejected her offer. By such action we have blocked You out, the very God in whom dwells all wisdom and truth. We have chosen our own foolishness to guide us down a path that leads to death and destruction. We repent of this decision and plead for your mercy, O God. May you reorient us onto the path of righteousness, wisdom, and truth. Forgive us, we pray. Have mercy on our souls and redeem us from the pit in which we have landed. Amen.

Scott Bullock

Make Us Wise

Glorious One, you alone are our Rock and Redeemer. We trust you, your Holy Word, your Holy Wisdom, to put all things in right relationship.

Make us wise. Let the words of our mouths be acceptable to you. Let our every desire be acceptable to you. Let the resting place of our hearts be acceptable to you.

Open us to your growth and guidance. May our renewal bring hope and peace to your world. May our rebirth bring you delight and glory, now and forever. Amen.

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