Prayers of Invocation on Renewal

Prayers of Confession on Renewal

O Lord Jesus Christ, who has established your church as the bulwark of true freedom, and has committed to all believers the ministry of reconciliation, continue your work of reforming and cleansing within the church and within our own heart, that being renewed by your spirit your church may bear faithful witness to the gospel, and we live out our days in your service. We pray in your own strong Name. Amen. 

Joseph E. McCabe, Service Book for Ministers, McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc, 1961.

Make Us Wise

Glorious One, you alone are our Rock and Redeemer. We trust you, your Holy Word, your Holy Wisdom, to put all things in right relationship.

Make us wise. Let the words of our mouths be acceptable to you. Let our every desire be acceptable to you. Let the resting place of our hearts be acceptable to you.

Open us to your growth and guidance. May our renewal bring hope and peace to your world. May our rebirth bring you delight and glory, now and forever. Amen.

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