Prayers of Invocation on Palm Sunday

Prayers of Confession on Palm Sunday

(Prayer of Adoration)

We sing Hosanna before You, Jesus –  

Blessed are You who come in the name of the Lord our God!  

 Hosanna in the highest!   

You are the Healer of our wounds, our hurts  

and our broken hearts.  We cry: Hosanna! 

You are the Light in our dark moments.  We cry: Hosanna! 

You are the Shepherd who seeks and finds us 

when we’ve wandered and are lost.  We cry: Hosanna! 

You are the Bread of Life who feeds our famished souls, 

and who gives our parched spirits the Living Water.   

We cry: Hosanna! 

 (Prayer of Confession)

Yet, like the people of old – we confess that our “Hosannas” are often replaced with an embarrassed silence when the cost is high to follow you.    

You call us by name – but we are shy in naming Yours.   

You give us all things so we can bless others – but we keep them for ourselves.   

You call us to love you a lot – but we love you little, others some, and ourselves a lot.   

Forgive our timidity, our selfishness and our unbelief, as we now confess to you those things we are too shamed to say aloud before other.  Hear, now, our quiet confessions to You.   

(Silent confession of sins) 


Richard Herman