Prayers of Invocation on God’s Presence

Sermon Illustrations on God's Presence

Ask, Seek, Knock

May we ask according to your will,

not according to our desires,

for you will give us what is right for us.

May we seek you as the pearl of great price,

not half-heartedly but with our whole being,

for you are always  present, ready to be found.

May we knock on the door of heaven,

not fearfully, but as inheritors of your kingdom,

for your ears are ever open to the cries of your children.

Jenny Child, Celtic Prayers & Reflections, the Columba Press, 2008.

We desire your presence with us, O God. Still our restless spirits, that with quiet minds and reverent hearts we may hear your voice and worthily worship you. Amen.

Taken from John E. Skoglund and Nancy E. Hall, A New Manual of Worship: New Edition, Judson Press, 1993.