Prayers of Confession on Wandering

In the silence, we raise our voice before you. We wonder aloud why you are so far from us when we call. In the agony of our cry, we are reminded that it is we who have wandered from your fold, from the nearness of your love. We, alone, have rebelled against you. We, alone, have turned our backs to your face. We, alone, have closed our ears to your words of correction and comfort. We confess that we are both a people of unclean lips and unclean hearts. Restore unto us this day, the joy of our salvation. Speak to us words of hope, words of healing, and enter into our lives anew. Amen. 

Scott Bullock

God of mercy, You sent Jesus Christ to search for and save the lost. We confess that we, too, have wandered away from You. We are taken off path by pride and selfishness. We have failed to love the way You have loved us. We have ignored Your truth and teachings. Oh God, have mercy on us. Forgive us our sinful ways and turn us towards Your path of righteousness through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church