Prayers of Confession on Staying in your Comfort Zone

Inspired by Psalm 130

Out of the depths, we cry to you, Lord; Lord, hear our voice. Let your ears be attentive to our cries for mercy. Living in frailty and weakness with adversity in our path, we too often buckle in despair. We doubt your goodness. We seek crutches of our own design aimed at comfort and relief, but which do nothing to heal or restore. In our pain, we deny the greater story that has been told and is being told by the resurrection of our Lord.  Though our bodies waste away, we will live power of the Spirit at work within us. Forgive us for our faltering faith in these momentary and fleeting troubles and forgetting the greater story of your resurrection life. Amen. 

Scott Bullock

Gracious God, too often we believe that our hard work should earn us comfort, conveniences, and control. Too often, we rely on our own abilities to craft and maintain a life independent from You. Forgive us. More than anything else in the world, we need You!May we be poor in spirit that by Your Spirit we might receive the Kingdom of God, through Christ our Lord, Amen.