Prayers of Confession on Security

Father, we confess to boasting in success and security.

We have denied you rather that desire you.

We have cowered when we needed to be courageous.

Jesus, we long to be people who follow you, no matter the cost.

Hear our confessions.

Holy Spirit give us the desire, faith, and strength to live the life you have called us to.

Submitted by Laura Murray

O God, you are indeed worthy of our praise and worship. Yet we turn away and worship other gods. We find ourselves at the altar of our careers, our financial security, our self-image, our status. We take you for granted. You call us to live for the praise of Christ’s glory, but we often seek praise for ourselves instead.  Forgive us for these and all of our sins, as we continue to confess in silence…

Silent Prayer

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Submitted by Chip Hardwick

Holy God, We are not meant to live life alone. We need You and the community of the church. Forgive us when we try to go it alone, When we think we can handle it all without any help. When we forget to rely on one another and on You. We need you and our brothers and sisters in Christ to live a faithful life. Help us to reach out to each other and to You remembering that a strand of three cords is not easily broken. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Lord, forgive us for the times when we have chosen safety and comfort over fidelity to you. For the times when following you requires us to stretch, grow, and be challenged, give us courage. Renew our trust in you as we silently confess our sins to you now…

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Gracious God, we find ourselves in circumstances we have not chosen, and we scurry to find any sense of normalcy. We know that You are the Rock, yet we lean on other foundations; We know that You are sovereign, but we seek security in our own control; We know that You give comfort, but we elevate comforts of our own design; We know that You satisfy, but we keep scrolling; We know that You set us free, but addictions grip us tightly; We know that You call us to rest, but we keep struggling. By grace, forgive us. In mercy, meet us. By Your Holy Spirit, equip us to walk in the newness of life-with-Christ, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Call to Confession

James 5:16 invites us to confess our sins so that we might be healed. Let us go before our Creator in humility and confession.

Prayer of Confession

Lord Almighty, we come to you in humility today. We have sought security in the wrong places. Rather than having the courage to confront our own sins, we often settle for false gods. We seek control and power, money and possessions, comfort and complacency. Call us to action, O God. Help us to see the error of our ways and give us the courage to do something about it as we confess our sins to you.

Austin D. Hill

Jesus, we thirst

We thirst for love and belonging

We thirst for security and provision

We thirst for truth and hope

We thirst for healing for our wounds

We thirst for mercy for our sin, our guilt, our shame

Time of silent confession

Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia