Prayers of Confession on Resources

Almighty God,

we have fractured your church,

we have wasted the resources of this earth,

we have corrupted our culture, 

Forgive us, we pray, renew us by the power of your Spirit,

and draw us to you as we now ap­proach your table.


Complete Library of Christian Worship, Vol. 5: The Services of the Christian Year, Robert Webber, Ed.

Almighty God of creation, please forgive us for the times when we’ve squandered the gifts you’ve given us. You give so freely, so abundantly, that we sometimes take your gifts for granted. For the times we’ve wasted precious resources that others tirelessly toil to attain, we repent. Lord, please give us a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for your power and generosity that we experience from your creation as silently confess our sins to you now…

Austin D. Hill


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