Prayers of Confession on Practical Atheism


Heavenly Father, we confess that we have too often forgotten that we are Yours. At times, we live our lives as if there was no God and we fall short of being who You created us to be. We have lived for ourselves, refused to bear the troubles of others, and ignored the pain of the world. Forgive us, Lord. Remind us of the purpose for which You created us. Give us Your strength to walk in Your ways and be Your light. In our Savior Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

(Prayer of Adoration)

Jesus … Immanuel – our God come in the flesh 

so that we might know You and that You might save us: 

Thankfully, You watch out for us – help us to watch for You. 

Give us eyes to see You on the move, active, alive 

in our world every day, everywhere, all the time. 

Give us ears to hear the whispers of Your Spirit, 

recalling Your Word and guiding our steps each moment. 

Give us wills that are responsive to Your will; 

hands quick to serve, 

feet swift to go where there is a need, 

and a longing to taste and see that You are good. 

(Prayer of Confession)

Forgive us when we live as if You are not real, 

pushing You aside to play god in Your world. 

Forgive our impatience  

when we plunge ahead rather than wait for You. 

Forgive our arrogance when we think we have a better way  

than what You show us in Your Word. 

Forgive our words used to hurt others rather than encourage them. 

Forgive us for loving things too much,  

people too little, and You hardly at all. 

Forgive, also, what we are too embarrassed to say aloud,  

but need You to hear, as we confess our sins in silence. 


Richard Herman

Inspired by 1 Peter 4

Almighty God,

In Jesus Christ we see the one who walked perfectly in the will of the Father, even as it led to his suffering for our sake. We, too, are called to walk in your ways, yet we live for human desires. We are called to live in faith, but we act like those who believe there is no God. Forgive us for our sinful rebellion and draw us back to yourself. Lead us in ways to better listen and obey, to love neighbors and offer service without grumbling, and to be faithful stewards of your amazing grace.

We pray in the name of Jesus our Lord, amen.

Casey Clark