Prayers of Confession on Pentecost

Almighty God, you poured your Spirit upon gathered disciples creating bold tongues, open ears, and a new community of faith. We confess that we hold back the force of your Spirit among us. We do not listen for your word of grace, speak the good news of your love, or live as a people made one in Christ. Have mercy on us, oh God. Transform our timid lives by the power of your Spirit, and fill us with a flaming desire to be your faithful people, doing your will for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Time of silent reflection and confession…

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Gracious and loving God, Your Holy Spirit is always with us. You encourage and strengthen us, and You send us out to serve You. Your grace is sufficient for every need, yet we often doubt Your presence. We wonder where You are in all that happens in this world. We struggle with trusting wholeheartedly in Your love, power, and goodness. We fail to keep our hearts centered and our minds focused on the good news of Jesus, the Crucified and Risen One. Forgive us. Rescue us. Empower us. As Your redeemed children, may we seek to do Your will to Your name’s great glory. Through Christ we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

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