Prayers of Confession on Paths

Adapted from Psalm 91

Holy Lord, God of life, hear our prayer:

Forgive us when we follow those paths that do not lead to life,

That lead instead to violence, or hate, or fear,

Paths that lead to dread and death.

Forgive us when we forget that you offer us life,

Life that is abundant and eternal,

Life that began at the creation of all things.

Forgive us, turn us to the right path,

and let your love and grace flow over us and the world.

We pray in Jesus’ name and for his sake. Amen.

Reflection on Psalm 89 and Jeremiah 23

Heavenly Father, You and Your Gifts are Perfect. We are not. You lead us with abundant mercy, justice, and grace. We are slow to follow. We abandon the straight and narrow path of life in which You direct us for the wide and easy path that leads to our own destruction. You call us to care for one another, for the weak and the vulnerable, to gather them in grace; yet, we are prone to abandon them and see them scattered. We dismiss the needs of our fellow human beings by forsaking your law to love our neighbor as ourselves. We confess our waywardness and ask for your forgiveness. 

Scott Bullock

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