Prayers of Confession on Parenting

Dear Jesus,

Please forgive me.

Thank you for loving me.

Please help me.

I have sinned.

Please change me.

I have disobeyed my parents.

Please help me love you.

I have lied.

Please help me listen to you.

I have been selfish.

I love you, Jesus.

I have not listened to you.

Thank you for loving me.

 Submitted by Dustin Ray

Heavenly Father, you are faithful, even when we are not. We look to the examples of our parents, and they often fall short. We, too, fall short when we consider the legacy we pass on to our children, families, and friends. Yet you are the continual provider. Please help us to live in such a way that those who come after us will be inspired by our legacies. Please forgive us when we do not live in such a way that people want to follow us. We confess our sins to you in silent confession, now…  

Time of silent reflection. 

 Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Leader: Mother’s Day can be full of joy and celebration, but it can also be challenging for many people. So as we pray for all mothers, let us also pray for those who are struggling today.

All: God, thank you for our mothers, for their love and nurture. And for all the other women who have played a mother role in our lives – the aunties, godmothers, teachers and friends who have welcomed us into their lives and helped shape us.

We pray that you will comfort those who are grieving the loss of their mothers, and mothers grieving for children who have died too soon.

For women struggling with infertility, and all women for whom the dream of being a mother feels out of reach, bring comfort to their hurting hearts and empty arms.

Give strength to the women who struggle in their role as a mother or feel overwhelmed or underappreciated. And to foster mothers and adoptive mothers, and mothers who parent alone.

We pray for healing where mothers have caused hurt to their children, or children have caused hurt to their mothers, and for reconciliation where there are broken relationships.

We pray for your protection in situations where mothers fear for their children’s safety.

For expectant mothers, we pray for joyful anticipation and safe delivery of their children. And for new mothers, we pray for sufficient rest and patience as they settle into their new roles.

God, thank you for being alongside us in our joy and grief, through longing and hope and sorrow. Help us to know your presence with us today, no matter how we feel about Mother’s Day.

In Jesus name,


Submitted by Jacob Traeger