Prayers of Confession on Money


King Jesus, We confess that we are quick to put our hope in places other than You. We are often more driven by our fears than by our faith in You and Your Kingdom. We place our trust in health, jobs, money, and perceived safety rather than in You. Forgive us for seeking power when we should be modeling the gentle humility of Jesus. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Almighty God, you love us, but we do not love you fully. You call, but we do not always listen. We often walk away from neighbors in need, wrapped in our own concerns. We often condone evil, hatred, warfare, and greed. God of grace, help us to admit our sin, so that as you move toward us in mercy, we may repent, turn to you, and receive forgiveness; through Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen.

Dear Lord, You are the King of the world, the Creator of all things, and the Giver of life. You have made us in Your image and invited us to be Your children—the heirs of Your kingdom—and we give You our thanks and praise.   We stop now to confess that we have sinned and fallen short of what You would have us be. We have found our identity in earthly things like work, money, family, reputation, our homes, our friends, even our country.

We have worshiped them more than You. We have turned away from being part of Your Kingdom work to satisfy our own agendas. We have broken Your heart with our sin, and we are sorry. Please forgive us. Help us open our hearts to receive the gift of forgiveness that You offer through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Create in us clean hearts and fill us with Your presence. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen. 

Lord, we believe your Word when you say that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. You have given us all that we need to live faithfully as your chosen people. But just as often as we turn to you to fill us up, we turn to other places for blessing. We turn to our power or our money or perhaps even our families, instead of resting and relying on You. When we do turn to you, we often try to force our spiritual growth, when all that is needed is to meditate on your great love for us. That is where transformation happens. Help us to turn to you, to lean into you, first and foremost, for our spiritual needs and desires. And may we see your face and your love for us when we do.


Stuart Strachan Jr.

Lord, You are a great and holy God, and you have asked us to pursue you as the object of our worship and devotion.  But Lord, we have fallen short of what you ask of us, we are a sinful people.  We have fallen into the trap the world has laid as we have pursued money and wealth,

and not pursued godliness, righteousness, and love.  We have put our trust and faith in the things we own, our homes and cars, our education and achievements, our savings and retirement accounts.  Lord, forgive self-reliance and our stinginess.

Bud Thoreen

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