Prayers of Confession on Justification


Holy God, Your love is amazing, steady, and unchanging. Your love is relentless, passionate, and astounding. We thank you for the sacrifice of Jesus which has redeemed us and restored us to a right relationship with You. We confess that we take this gift for granted; we fail to grasp the significance of the sacrifice; we continue to live as unredeemed people. Forgive us for our sinfulness. Cleanse us. Restore us. And ignite our hearts with a passion to live for You. We humbly ask, in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Holy God
We are holy,
Not in the sense of any rightness within us,
But because we are in a relationship with you,
We are holy because you gift that it is so.
We are not called to into a division of us and them,
People should see you in us,
Just as we should see ourselves in each other.

What can we say, O Lord, to justify ourselves? You shower us with grace upon grace. Your mercies are new every morning. And we find it hard to forgive others. Sometimes we are petty and hold grudges for years. Other times we are proud, waiting for the other person to admit guilt first. While other times we have experienced trauma and have no healed from it. Lord, free us today from the unforgiveness that shackles us as we confess our sins to you now. 

Time of silent reflection.

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

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