Prayers of Confession on Impatience

Gracious God, when I think of how you created all things in a step-by-step manner, I am reminded of my own impatience. There are so many times, Lord, when I want you to move at my pace, not yours. I confess that this is not only sinful but also silly. Do I really think my timing is better than yours? No, not when I step back and reflect. But in the rush of the moment, I can be painfully impatient. Forgive me, Lord.

Help me to trust that your ways are always the best, that your timing is always the best. Help me to see more clearly how you are at work in my life and through me in the lives of others. May I learn to be in synch with you and your ways, patient in my trust, expectant in my hope. Amen.

Taken from Mark D. Roberts, Life for Leaders, a Devotional Resource of the DePree Leadership Center at Fuller Theological Seminary

God, there are times when we are impatient.

We are impatient with you.

We want to know all the answers.

We get frustrated when we don’t see your justice.

Your plans and your ways seem so distant to us.

Forgive us in the times when we give up on you.

Remind us of your presence

And allow us to see further into your kingdom.

We are impatient with others.

We want everyone’s priorities to be the same as ours.

We demand others listen to us, but often don’t make the time to hear them.

Release us from our impatience.

Have mercy on the people around us.

Fill us with your Spirit of love and peace.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


Assurance of Pardon

Remember this: God is patient and kind, not delighting in evil but rejoicing in the truth. God is quick to mercy, but slow to anger – even when so often we are the opposite!

God’s patience endures, even through death. God patiently outlasts your sins, which are forgiven through the cross of Jesus Christ. At the end of all things, love endures. Know that you are loved, you are precious in God’s sight, and rest patiently in that love, knowing that God is securely holding you and the whole world and will not let go.