Prayers of Confession on Hurt



Adapted from Psalm 6

Holy God, Father most gracious! Rebuke us not in your anger, nor chasten us in your wrath! Heal us from our sin, for we are troubled. Deliver us for the sake of your steadfast love. Our sins trouble us, 0 God. We are troubled by how they have hurt others. We are troubled by how they have hurt us. Your ways are right! 0 righteous God! and whenever we have refused to follow them we have found out how right they are. Have mercy on us, 0 God. Have mercy! Holy God, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Have mercy on us for the sake of your Son,

Who died to free us from our sins.

To you be honor and glory! Amen.

Dear Lord, we come before You as Your children to give You honor and praise. You are the One and Only true God, the Giver of life and the Sustainer of our souls. We are grateful for Your grace, how You love us, how you call us to be Your hands and feet. Responding to Your great mercy, we need to confess how we have sinned and fallen short of the people You  created us to be. We have said and done mean and selfish things, we have hurt others, and we have lived as if the universe revolves around us. We have strayed from our worship of You and gone our own way. We are sorry. Please forgive us. Cause us to truly repent and turn around to face You. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Submitted by Dustin Ray

Almighty and gracious God, Your love is everlasting and filled with patience. In our sinfulness, we run away, yet You seek after us. We make foolish choices in spite of the fact that You teach us a better way. We hurt You and others, and, instead of hurting us back, You forgive us. Our pride often gets in the way of our efforts to reveal Your glory and goodness. We try to bear the imprint of Christ throughout the world, yet we often do just the opposite and fail to be the people You’ve called us to be in Your Word. Forgive the sin in our lives and grant us hearts to follow the example that You gave us in Your Son, Jesus. In His precious Name we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Almighty God, we come to You now as Your children because we know we are broken and sinful and need You so much. We have broken our relationship with You and have done things that have hurt You, others and ourselves. We have said ugly and mean words, and acted in judgmental and arrogant ways. We have been impatient and self-centered. We are sorry. Please forgive us. We repent and turn our faces toward You to receive Your love and forgiveness. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church 

Loving and Merciful God,

We come before you today aware of our own selfish pride. We have chosen our way above your way. We have chosen our opinions over the unity of your church. Forgive us where we have gone astray, help us to forgive those who have hurt us, but we also pray that we would be forgiven for the ways in which we have hurt others. We recognize that we see only in part. Give us new eyes to see your kingdom at work in the world.

Silent Prayer