Prayers of Confession on Holding a Grudge

Merciful God, in baptism you promise forgiveness and new life, making us part of the body of Christ. We confess that we remain preoccupied with ourselves, separated from one another. We cling to destructive habits, hold grudges, and show reluctance to welcome one another. We allow the past to hold us captive. In your lovingkindness, have mercy on us, and free us from sin. Fulfill the promises of our baptism so that we may rise to new life, and live together in grace as we silently confess our individual sins to you now… 

Time of silent reflection and confession.. 

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Father of mercies,

Your word is like a double-edged sword. When we read about the humility, the sacrifice of your son, in comparison with our own lives, we are convicted of our sin. We have not humbled ourselves in the ways that you have called us to. We have bragged of our accomplishments, boasted of our talents, acting as if we are the ones responsible for all the good things that come to us. But when we read your word, we are laid bare, and we see our own failure to live a humble life, a life according to your easy yoke. But we come to you grateful, that you are not a God who holds grudges, but your mercies are new each morning. Help us to continuously turn over to you our pride, our insecurities, that we may embody the beauty and the power and majesty of Jesus Christ in our own lives, through the power of your  Holy Spirit, Amen.

Stuart Strachan Jr.