Prayers of Confession on Gossip

Holy and merciful God, we need Your grace and love today. We deliberately lie and speak falsehoods. We mislead and deceive with half-truths. We omit facts that make us look bad. We take pleasure in gossip and slander.  We consistently believe the worst about people, situations, and motives. Forgive us, O Lord, and remind us only Your truth can set us free. May we serve Your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Lord Jesus,

We come to you today convicted of our own sin. When we read your call for the church to be united, we have to admit that we have fallen short. We have gossiped against your body, we have spoken words against you that we are not proud of. We have allowed our emotions to get the best of us, and we have spoken a harsh word about your beloved bride. Lord Jesus, draw us to yourself and keep us from falling back into harmful and unnecessary conflict. Empower us by your Spirit to live a life marked by humility, kindness and gentleness towards your body.

In Christ Jesus our Lord,


Stuart Strachan Jr.