Prayers of Confession on God’s Character


Almighty God, you are faithful, true, and unchanging, but we do not always trust and obey. You as we should. In our pride we challenge Your rule over us. In our shortsightedness we are slow to obey, or we ignore Your commands altogether. In our rush to claim what is ours, we forget that everything belongs to You. In thought and deed, we have sinned against You. Open our eyes, God, to see You as You are. Forgive us for these and other sins and have mercy on us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Heavenly Father, You are so gracious and we acknowledge Your constant care and devotion for us. You have promised to give Your children the peace that is beyond our understanding. And still, we are guilty of trying to control the stresses of life on our own and in our own strength. Forgive us, Lord, for not trusting in Your precepts. Forgive us for not fully believing in Your faithfulness and goodness. Calm our spirits and deepen our faith in You. We give our stress and anxiety to You and receive Your mercy. Help us to overcome the challenges before us and to glorify You in all things. In Christ’s Name we pray.  Amen. 

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

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