Prayers of Confession on Crisis


Gracious God,

We come before you today scared. Scared for our health, scared for our jobs, scared for our loved ones. Help us Lord, not to dwell in our fears, but rather to turn to you, trusting that you are indeed the God who rescues. You sent your Son, not simply to send us to heaven, but to help us live as new creations, not living in fear, but free to love and serve as you love and serve us. Help us Lord in this crisis not to be greedy, not to hoard and simply think of ourselves. But help us to reflect the life and love of your Son Jesus Christ, that those who do not know you will see something different in us. That just as the early church demonstrated its radical love in their care for the victims of the plague, that we might serve sacrificially as well.


Holy and Merciful God,

We acknowledge that this crisis has exposed our idols. We accept that we have placed our trust and hope in stability, in consistency, and technology. And now, as we recognize our lack of control over this disease, help us turn to you: the only true source of stability in a world that is constantly changing. Help wean us off of the idols of this world, that we might see your goodness and strength as our goodness and strength. Comfort us with a peace that surpasses anything we could understand.


Stuart Strachan Jr.

Holy God,

We recognize that when crisis strikes, the natural impulse is to turn inward, to take care of ourselves above our neighbors. We hoard the essentials we think will keep us safe, even if that means leaving our neighbor without. Lord, forgive us for our selfishness. Jesus, we pray that you might give us a supernatural strength and fortitude, to live like you in these difficult and trying times. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that you will be with us every step of the way. Help us to lean on you, knowing that you are the Author and Protector of our faith and our lives.

Stuart Strachan Jr.

Almighty God, during this tumultuous time, we see so clearly our frailty and powerlessness. Any illusions of strength and grandeur have been stripped away. We are utterly dependent upon you. Even with technology, we are still gripped with fear, anxiety, and isolation. We see that have placed our trust in idols of wood and stone. We see how desperately we need your grace every day. Please help us to trust you completely and to give of ourselves when we are so tempted to live selfishly. We confess to you all of our self-centered thoughts and actions. In your mercy, hear our prayer.

Time of silent reflection and confession…

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Eternal God, we recognize that Your ways are mysterious. Teach us to be still and to wait for You. We confess our sinfulness, our need for control, and our discomfort with the unknown. Instead of turning to You, we numb our pain with temporary distractions. We pretend to have our lives together when we really feel inadequate and insecure. Thank You for Your patience with us when we are slow to recognize Your activity in our lives. You never give up on us, O Lord. God of grace, You show up in our lives in the most unexpected ways. Surprise us this week with an awareness of Your presence. Replace our fear with trust. Turn our anxiety into wonder. Give us Your peace and joy as we live by faith and not by sight. In the strong Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.