Prayers of Confession on Corruption

Inspired by Psalm 14

Almighty God, the Psalmist most accurately describes the state of our distance from you, “[We] have all turned aside; together [we] have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.” While many of us would say, “Lord, who?” “Certainly not us.” Our actions and denials betray us. We have turned aside from your goodness, O God. We have rejected your love and leading. We have lived for that which benefits us at your expense and to the detriment of humanity. For this, we confess that the Psalmist’s words are true, not for someone else, but for us. Lord, have mercy upon us, we pray. Amen. 

Scott Bullock

(Prayer of Adoration)

Lord of yesterday, today and tomorrow: 

You alone rule the universe;  

setting times and seasons according to Your will. 

While nations and king come and go,  

You, only, are King of kings and Lord of lords;  

immortal and all-knowing,  

never lacking power and wisdom. 

You are strong; and you are good!  

Therefore, we joyously and reverently call you God and King. 

(Prayer of Confession)

Yet, in spite of all we know of You –  

we are stubborn and rebellious still. 

We think ourselves wise – disregarding Your truth. 

We think ourselves strong – using violence to force our will. 

We think ourselves right –writing-off others and refusing to  

learn from them. 

We think ourselves good – ignoring our corruption and evil; 

pointing fingers and wagging tongues at others.  

Forgive our arrogance minds, self-centeredness hearts  

and ungracious spirits. 

Take away our hearts of stone; 

replace them with hearts of flesh, 

hearts that best after Your own heart. 

In silent moments, hear us confess what we’re too ashamed to name aloud – forgive and free us, Lord:  (Silence) 

 Richard Herman