Prayers of Confession on Complacency

(Prayer of Adoration)

Lord – You are good …and Your goodness knows no bounds. 

When we were lost, You sought us out,  

found us and brought us home. 

When we were alone, You came near to us,  

and You gave us a new circle of friends and family. 

Each breath we take, each sunrise we see, 

Each heartbeat we feel and each song we sing or hear –  

All are gifts from You. 

(Prayer of Confession)

Yet, we’ve grown complacent in Your blessings: 

Taking them for granted, rather than as signs of Your grace; 

Keeping them for ourselves, rather than using them to bless others. 

Forgive our selfish hearts and closed fists. 

Forgive our self-importance  

that leads us to take ourselves too seriously, 

to take You too lightly and to forget others altogether.   

Forgive us what we’re too embarrassed to name out loud, 

As you hear the silent confessions of our hearts and the whispers of our souls …  [Silence]  AMEN. 

Richard Herman

Lord God, forgive us for how we have let our faith atrophy. We grow complacent, stagnant, and we fail to strive to follow you. Give us passion, give us courage, and give us motivation to excel for you in all we do. Please show us your plans for us as we confess our sins to you in silence… 

Austin D. Hill

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