Prayers of Confession on Comparison

We confess, loving God, that we are not a society of saints, but a fellowship of sinners. We are the forgiven, who still need forgiveness.  We are the redeemed, who are still being redeemed.  We do not compare ourselves with others; we compare ourselves only with Christ, in order that we may be humble in your presence, and in the presence of others. We are thankful, O Lord, that you have not given up on us, and that you are still not finished with us. Continue to shape us in the image of Christ, as we confess our sins in silence in his name…

Silent Prayer

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Submitted by Chip Hardwick

Loving father, there are times when it feels like we never get it right. We compare ourselves to others and we don’t measure up. It seems like we can never get our act together and live up to the standard of your perfection. Please forgive us, but please also help us to rest in your grace. Please show us your immense love as we silently confess our sins to you now…  

Submitted by Austin D. Hill