Prayers of Confession on Carrying our Cross

Heavenly Father,

We confess before you and before one another that we do not always trust your goodness.

We are worried about losing control of our lives, and we are scared of what taking up our cross

would mean. Give us confidence in your love for us, so that we are not afraid of rejection by others. Give us faith in your forgiveness so that we can admit our mistakes and be free of the desire to seem like we get everything right.

Give us faith in your forgiveness so that we can treat our leaders with love and mercy. And give us the courage to take up our cross and walk the difficult path of justice, mercy and humility.

Empower us with your Holy Spirit to live as your sons and daughters.

Through Jesus Christ we pray.


Jacob Traeger

God of grace, we look to your son, today, who began his journey to the cross. As we trace his footsteps to Jerusalem, please give us your grace. For we know that we are called to follow Jesus, to carry our own crosses, to go where you lead. But we fail to follow you so often. Lord, please renew our resolve to follow you as we silently confess our sins to you now. 

Time of silent reflection. 

Submitted by Austin D. Hill