Prayers of Confession on Caring for the Poor

Dear God, we know that it is Your will to help those that are afflicted, to comfort and strengthen the weak, and to provide support and financial help for those in great need. And yet, there are moments where we hold back and we miss the joy of freely giving from a heart of generosity. We confess our sin, and we ask for Your cleansing forgiveness. May our humble gifts be multiplied to help those with meager resources. We pray all this in the precious name of Jesus, Our Savior. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

To You, Present Lord—Emmanuel—the One who is with us, we confess:

         In hearing Your voice, we have closed our ears.

         In sensing Your leading, we have turned away.

         In feeling Your presence, we have hidden from You.

We have sinned in closing:

        Our hands to the hungry, poor, and needy.

        Our hearts to the hurting and hopeless.

        Our love and lives to our neighbors.

Good and Merciful Shepherd, we ask:

        Snatch us from our sin.

        Guide us into Your love.

        Lead us in paths of righteousness, for Your name’s sake.

Daniel Morris

God of glory, you sent Jesus among us as the light of the world, to reveal your love for all people. We confess that our sin and pride hide the brightness of your light. We turn away from the poor; we ignore cries for justice; we do not strive for peace.  In your mercy, cleanse us of our sin, and pour out the gifts of your Spirit, that, forgiven and renewed, we may show forth your glory shining in the face of Jesus Christ.

Time of silent reflection and confession..


Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Holy God, we claim to be without fault, meanwhile we neglect the orphan, the widow, the destitute, and the stranger. Like the people of Judah, we care only of justice when it impacts us. We assume that your covenant faithfulness allows us to live however we want. Refine us, O Lord. Mold us and shape us. Purify us through the saving power of your Son, Jesus, as we silently confess our self-centered ways to you now.

Austin D. Hill