Prayers of Confession on Bread

Inspired by John 6:56-69

Father God, you have provided us with bread from heaven through your incarnate Son; He is all that we need for spiritual revival and restoration. We, though, have taken offense at his invitation to abide in him through his body and blood offered on our behalf. It is too primitive, too bloody, too gory, too bodily for us to accept. Many of us have walked away from the cross because it is contrary to our understanding of justice, mercy, and grace. We would rather have a cleaned up and crowned up version of redemption that does not require us to trust in the messiness and humiliation of a crucifixion and the communal offering of a Savior broken for our sake. Forgive us for our temptation to walk away from the sacrificial offering of your Son on our behalf. Amen.

Submitted by Gabe Fung

Living God, Today I confess that I allow my fear to drown out Your voice. I am afraid of the unknown and things outside my control. Help me hand these items over to you every hour of the day. Help me be quiet and still, waiting for Your will to be revealed rather than running ahead of You. Keep my heart open to the Spirit’s working. Remind me that I have daily bread from Heaven and a safe shelter in You when I am tempted to look elsewhere for hope and help. Through the power of the Lord Jesus, Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Jesus, forgive my false following

my misplaced priorities

my misuse of power

my mistreatment of your good gifts


Forgive me for believing destructive voices

Forgive me for using you instead of loving you


Reorder my consuming

Feasting on your presence

You are my bread, my drink, my life

Nurture true faith and trust in me

Time of silent confession

Lisa Degrenia, www.revlisad.com


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