Prayers of Confession on Authority

(Prayer of Adoration)

We praise you, Lord for you are  

all-wise and all-powerful, 

faithful, loving and gracious,  

holy, just, merciful, constant and pure,  

omnipresent, intimate and immortal.  

You are bigger than the known universe,  

yet you know us each by name  

and as close as our very breath.   

You know all about us and still love us.  

That’s why we praise you – that’s why we serve you. 

 (Prayer of Confession)

Yet – if we drop our masks and get real, 

we admit we don’t praise you as you deserve, 

nor do we serve you faithfully. 

Forgive us – and hear our prayer of confession, 


 Richard Herman

Marvelous and merciful God, Your Son modeled leadership and servanthood for us. But we confess we have elevated our desires and plans over Your will for our lives and for Your world. We want authority and power over others to use for our own purposes. Forgive us for our half-hearted devotion and our double-minded attention to Your way. Remind us You desire servants first and foremost. Enable us to serve in the name of Jesus, the One who came to serve and to give His life a ransom for many. In His name we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

O Good and Loving God, You call us to honor, love, and revere not just our parents, but all whom You have placed in our lives with Your authority. Yet we; rarely give honor to those deserving of honor. Instead, we fight and fail to love as You have loved us. When we have authority, we misuse and abuse it. Worst, we reject Your authority and seek to live our lives our way. We follow ourselves, not Your Son, Jesus. Forgive us and renew us. Send us Your grace and mercy, and enable us to share it with others, even with those in authority over us.Through Christ we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church