Prayers of Confession for All Saints’ Day


Heavenly Father, Although we surrender our lives to you individually, we are called to live and serve in community as one body. Nevertheless, we do not see each other equally or accurately. We tend to think that some are more gifted, more attractive, even more godly than others. Rather than claim Christ’s righteousness for all who believe, we judge one another, even ourselves, on worldly merit. Forgive us, Lord. Redeem us from our wrong thinking. Open our eyes to the truth of your perfect plan for Your church body to work graciously as one. We pray this humbly in Christ’s name. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Gracious God, you call us to a life of intimate relationship with you and with one another. You call us to a life of community, where we actively seek the needs of others before our own. We acknowledge the ways we’ve fallen short of this standard. We repent of our selfishness. We repent of our apathy toward the needs of other. We repent of our laziness. We repent of the times when we neglect worshipping you. We repent of the times when we’ve failed to engage in your covenant community. Renew our desire for your church as we silently confess our sins before you now…

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Run beloved, run

Lay aside every weight

Every worry

Every excuse

Every inner critic shouting against inspiration


Lay aside the sin that clings so closely

Every self-serving motivation

Every self-medicating choice

Every weak thing you’ve trusted more than God


Lay them aside

and run


Run beloved, run

Run with perseverance the race


Looking not to the dust, but to Jesus

The Pioneer and Perfecter of your faith

Look not to the right or to the left

Look to Jesus



The congregation is invited to offer their own prayers of confession



Run remembering

You are forgiven

Joy is your strength


Run remembering

Him who endured

So that you may not grow weary

Or lose heart

For your strongest step is yet to come

Prayer of Confession for All Saints Day © 2022 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia,