Prayers for Illumination on Wisdom

Sermon Illustrations on Wonder

O God, your Word is more precious than fine gold, and sweeter than purest honey. As we turn to your Scripture, send your Holy Spirit to infuse your Word with truth and grace — so that the good news of your love would shine before our eyes and delight our senses … so that we cannot help but respond with wonder, faith and trust. Amen.  

Holy and gracious God, you are the greatest of all. You are full of wonders that no mere human can comprehend. Lord, we seek to understand you and your ways so that we can live according to your commandments. We pray for your divine illumination in our hearts and and our minds. Help us see what you intend for us to see. Help us to understand what you intend for us to understand. Open our eyes and our ears to see you and hear your whispers. Amen.